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White Light Tooth Whitening System


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Offer: RM 30 not include postage

*not include postage

White Light Tooth Whitener System - Revolusi baru rawatan pemutihan gigi profesional yang unik dan dicipta khusus untuk dibuat sendiri di rumah dengan selesa dan mudah! Hanya dalam 10 minit mampu menghilangkan noda/kesan kuning/gelap pada gigi yang selalunya berpunca dari pemakanan seperti kopi, teh dan jus atau akibat merokok dan penuaan. Teknologi yang hampir sama seperti digunakan doktor gigi, tahan lama dan murah. Formulasi dua jenis gel istimewa yang bergabung dengan teknologi pencahayaan LED persis laser ini memastikan ia diserap jauh ke dalam tanpa merosakkan lapisan gigi bagi menghapuskan kotoran dan memberikan kesan gigi putih berseri seperti yang anda ingini.

Pakej termasuk:
-White Light Transmitter
-White Light Gel And Applicator
-White Light 2 Lithium CR2025 Batteries

Now you can have whiter teeth in as little as 10 minutes. The new revolutionary White Light Tooth Whitener System incorporates light technology to whiten your teeth. The unique system is designed to be used at home and is extremely easy to use. The advanced light combined with the specially formulated gel, rapidly removes surface stains and penetrates deep to remove embedded stains. The White Light Tooth Whitener System will help remove stains caused by coffee, tea, fruit juice, smoking, aging, cola, and more using the speed of light!

WHITE LIGHT most effective teeth whitening.

  • Effects as early as 10 minutes!
  • More clearly visible white after a week!
  • HALAL guaranteed!
  • Approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia
  • WHITE LIGHT Teeth Whitening System uses the same active ingredient used by dentists
  • The price is much cheaper than the cost of teeth whitening treatments at dental clinics


    So, if you want whiter teeth right now for a special event or simply want a fast way to brighten your smile to look your best—the Tooth Whitening System will give you the fast, long lasting results you’ve been looking for!

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. If it works so fast, isn't it harmful to my teeth? 
    A. White Light uses the same active ingredient used by dentists.

    Q. What makes White Light so unique
    A. It incorporates light technology and uses an advanced dual gel
    system. The spiral delivery tip mixes the two separate gels giving
    you the fullest benefit of the ingredients moments before they come
    into contact with your teeth.

    Q. How much whiter will my teeth be? 
    A. Your teeth can be whiter in as little as 10 minutes, however, the
    degree of whitening will depend on the amount of staining and the
    natural color of your teeth.

    Q. What if I have sensitive teeth? 
    A. People with sensitive teeth love White Light because they can use
    it for as little as 10 minutes. However, if sensitivity does occur, it is
    temporary and should go away within a few days.

    Q. If I smoke or drink coffee will this product work for me? 
    A. Yes. WhiteLight's whitening process allows you to indulge in the
    things you enjoy while keeping your teeth whiter, however, you may
    need to repeat the process more frequently to achieve satisfactory
    results, as you would with any tooth whitening system.

    Q. Can I use White Light if I've used other whitening products? 
    A. Yes. If you're used strips, paint on gels or bleaching trays, you can still
    use WhiteLight to achieve additional whitening or to re-whiten. It�s an
    ideal way to maintain your white smile by simply using it as needed.

    Q. My teeth aren'
    t whitening as fast as I would like. What can I do? 
    A. Most people think their teeth are yellow, but teeth often have gray stains as well,
    which take longer to whiten. Also, some teeth simply take longer to whiten than
    others. For additional whitening, simply press the power button again for another
    10 minute cycle. You may repeat the cycle up to 3 times for a total of 30 minutes
    during each whitening session to maximize results. Keep using WhiteLight? and
    over time your teeth should become whiter.
    Q there are 2 tubes of gel, how to use them ?
    Mix the 2 gels when applying to tray.
                                                               RM20 only

    email: order@lovely-strawberry.com


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